KELLY: How do you feel about the Fionna and Cake episodes?
RAY: My brother’s friend actually created that! Natasha Allegri who works for the show did drawings of Fionna and Cake and then posted them on her tumblr. They got so many reblogs and likes that they decided to make it into a few episodes.

TV Party: Perfect Pussy Talk Adventure Time


07/20/2014 Union Park, Chicago  St. Vincent

St. Vincent
Pemberton Music Festival 2014

TRACK: This Wave
ARTIST: St. Vincent
ALBUM: Strange Mercy (Japanese Edition)
TRACK: Strong
ARTIST: London Grammar
ALBUM: If You Wait


London Grammar - Strong

ARTIST: Basement
ALBUM: Further Sky


“Jet” by Basement from the 7”/Digital EP “Further Sky” 

TRACK: Animal Nitrate (Suede Cover)
ARTIST: Basement
ALBUM: Further Sky


Basement - Animal Nitrate (Suede Cover)


Basement - Further Sky 7”

/500 clear vinyl || Run For Cover Records 2014

Relient K ‘Mmhmm’ Ten Year Anniversary Tour



Relient K are going out on a ten year anniversary tour of Mmhmm in October and November with Blondfire and From Indian Lakes. Check out the dates below after the jump.

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The What’s Underneath Project: Meredith Graves

"We think Perfect Pussy’s Meredith Graves is a radiant beauty and role model due to her guts to be exactly who she is. See her well-read ‘tude, including her refusal to be the "skinny, pretty" lead singer, above in Part 6 of the What’s Underneath Project." 

Trigger Warning for mentions of rape threats

Manchester Orchestra - Escape (Official Audio)


for those curious as to what led up to annie’s bruised face

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