for those curious as to what led up to annie’s bruised face

St. Vincent - Live on Letterman [x]

TRACK: Something Witchy
ARTIST: He Is Legend
ALBUM: Unreleased


Something Witchy - He Is Legend

HIL released the first track from their new album today and it’s beautiful and perfect and excuse me while I cry about it

Source (x)


Hanging with newly signed heavy metal band Unlocking the Truth \m/

Local Natives | Breakers (live)

Josiah Leming - Angels Under Cover

This record/EP is one of the most important in my life, yet I continue to forget about its existence.  It played a key role in my adolescence as inspiration to write music and pick up a guitar.  It still holds up as lyrically strong, dramatic, but simple. 

TRACK: I Don't Feel It Anymore (Song Of The Sparrow)
ARTIST: William Fitzsimmons
ALBUM: The Sparrow and the Crow


"i want back all the years that you took when i was young."


wow this is the best show I have ever seen???????

TRACK: Wouldn't It Be Nice
ARTIST: The Beach Boys
ALBUM: The Very Best Of


Wouldn’t It Be Nice The Beach Boys


The Distortion Of Sound documentary featuring Mike Shinoda can now be watched in full at http://www.distortionofsound.com/ or on YouTube

TRACK: Left Hand Free
ALBUM: This Is All Yours



Left Hand Free // alt-J

I read in a magazine interview yesterday that with this song, they were fucking around in their writing session and decided to try and write the least Alt-J song ever and this is the result.


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